At Ginger Henderson Counselling Services, we exist to inspire and support those who wish to cultivate a balanced mind, resilient spirit, and a renewed sense of self-confidence. Our team of highly trained Counsellors are compassionate and resourceful and here to support you through whatever may be troubling you. We are committed to guiding and working with couples, youth, and all individuals to help provide insight and healing for a variety of mental health concerns. If you are experiencing or have experienced unhealthy patterns, relationship difficulties, trauma; struggle with self-worth, anxiety, depression, and/or addiction, then we are here, and we can help. 

We work from a mental wellness perspective, rather than a mental illness perspective. We will provide you with evidence-based information and interventions that will help you work toward your goals. Our team makes it our highest priority to ensure you feel safe, supported, and progressive throughout your therapeutic journey.

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